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Enjoy hiking and relax in a wonderful countryside A beautiful holiday region situated at the waterhead of the Danube surrounded by gently mountain slopes, meadows and pastures with romantic valleys and ravines. The ideal starting point for trips in the Black Forest, Switzerland of France. Enjoy the break in Furtwangen, your holiday resort.

German Clock Museum in Furtwangen

The German Clock museum is at the centre of the German clock carriers’ route and houses the largest collection of clocks in Germany, The museum reveals the history, art and technology relating to the clock and the mystery of time.
The clock museum

Hexenlochmühle in Furtwangen-Neukirch

The Hexenlochmühle was built in 1825 and is one of the beautiful, typical old Black Forest mills. The mill was built as a sawmill and is open to visitors.

Danube Source in Furtwangen and St. Georgen

A local saying “Brigach and Breg where the Danube originates” refers to the two main headstreams of the Danube, the Brigach (St. Georgen) and the Breg (Furtwangen) which originate in your holiday region. From the Breg source near Martinskapelle, Furtwangen which is the longest headstream of the Danube, it covers exactly 2888 km (1795 Miles) before entering the Black Sea in Romania.

Brend and Stöcklewald observation towers (1150m = 3773 feet), Rohrhardsberg nature reserve (1163 m = 3816 feet).

Brend observation tower (1150m = 3773 feet) The highest elevation in our holiday region is Rohrhardsberg – Brend. This area with its two observations towers, Brend near Furtwangen and Stöcklewald between Triberg, Schonach and Furtwangen provide excellent views of the Feldberg (with its 1493 m = 4898 feet, the highest mountain in the Black Forest) and beyond to the swiss alps.

With over 1300 hectares, Rohrhardsberg although a protected area for plants and animals, is also accessible for hiking and skiing. Both the northern region of the Black Forest and the Vosges mountains (France) can be seen from here.

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