Cuckoo Clock Villages in the Black Forest


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Endless opportunities for mountain biking and hiking

Enjoy the holiday resort of Schonach...
Admire the world’s largest cuckoo clocks, discover enchanting beauty spots and a wide variety of sports facilities.

World’s largest Cuckoo Clocks in Schonach

Josef Dold built a cuckoo clock into a small Black Forest house in Schonach. Dimensiens of the Clock mechanism: 3.60 m (12 feet) wide, 3.10 m (10 feet) high, 1 m (3 feet) deep.

Ebele Clock Park in Triberg-Schonachbach, Dimesions of the Clock mechanism: 4.50 m (15 feet) wide, 4.50 m (15 feet) high.

Hiking along the nature path
Nature reserve – Blindensee – between Schönwald and Schonach

An upland moor lake where cotton grass, crippled pine and rare species can be found in abundance.

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The clock carver at work

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